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Daniele S. Longo is a seasoned traveler and a curious life learner. He lived, worked or travelled in 20+ countries (plus sea), changed job multiple times with 7 different companies and relocated 9 times across Europe and the United States. Avid observer, since he left Sicily, 30 years ago, Daniele has made it his quest to learn as much as possible about the places he explored by visiting unique locations, learning how to cook local dishes, listening to folk stories and music, studying local history, and collecting lifelong friendships worldwide.

   Daniele holds a MS in Industrial Engineering (Politecnico di Torino, Italy) and a MBA in Marketing and Entrepreneurship (Northern Kentucky University). For the time being, Daniele lives with his family in Shorewood, Minnesota, where he works in Healthcare and Automation. Passionate about technology, avid reader and collector of old books, he is constantly planning unique journeys for his family and friends.

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