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Gerard and Sebastian Travels

Fiction, real life stories and dialogues shared across time and places, find their way in the Western suburbs of Minneapolis, where people mend relationships, find love, overcome losses and build relationships with the guidance of two entrepreneurs who, themselves, are trying to figure out their own paths. Daniele’s collection of books, Gerard and Sebastian Travels, will take the readers on unique journeys around the world while eating shrimps on a pier in Oslo, getting engaged on a volcanic rock surrounded by the deep blue waters of the Mediterranean sea, playing hide and seek behind tree-shaped columns of a Spanish Cathedral, sleeping under a canopy of stars in Santorini, or skinny dipping on a lost beach in Anacortes.

BOOK I: Angels, Love and Lost Souls

Lives, aspirations and broken dreams cross paths in Greater Minneapolis where an adoption disruption brings the relationship between John and Laura Berg to a critical point. The accidental connection with a startup Travel agency run by two inexperienced and naïve entrepreneurs, will take John and Laura through a transformation trip to Italy that will change their lives forever.. All through the journey, a colorful collection of experienced mentors, visionary technologists, close friends and forgotten family members will chime in to help, advice, and sometimes cover up as needed.

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