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Just a pause, not the end.

Dear friends and members of my family,

Lately, I have tried to avoid most social media engagement as I processed the news that City Limits Publishing (CLP), the publishing company that launched Angels, Love, and Lost Souls, will soon close its doors. As many authors and aspiring authors know, the process of taking an idea to become a manuscript, first, and then a concrete, published book, is quite a rollercoaster of strong and painful emotions. But I have enjoyed every minute of it. Even though the journey of Angels, Love and Lost Souls comes to a pause after only 8 weeks since publishing day.

There are many reasons why entrepreneurial dreams as City Limits Publishing come to an end. And as I rationalize the current events, I must remember that just a few years ago, I used to counsel small business owner on how to be successful and possibly avoid bankruptcy. Entrepreneurs are dreamers and visionary but most of the time they need somebody else to keep them organized and focused. In Angels, Love and Lost Souls, Sebastian is a visionary travel agent. He has a great idea but without his mentors, friends, and most of all Gerard, he would have no chance to succeed.

For what I personally experienced, City Limits Publishing (CLP) started with the right foot. The portfolio of authors was very small when I signed with CLP, but how talented! The family of authors expanded very quickly as more inspiring voices soon joined. At the same time, the team at CLP also grew and I had the privilege to engage with the extremely creative Peter Fenton (author, blogger, screenwriter and owner of the deepest voice a 20-something could have!) and Regina Menninger, a social media marketing guru of exceptional acumen. And what about the covers and the marketing pieces? When I first saw the four cover options for my book, I could not believe how beautiful they were. It was tough to pick one, but every time I set my eyes on the cover of Angels, Love and Lost Souls I know that I made the right choice.

Did I make the right choice by signing with CLP? I spent the last few days thinking about all the actions I took and the ones I should have taken. Maybe I should have spent more time to do my research on CLP and I should have connected with its authors before signing. Maybe I should have offered more guidance and advice to the leadership of CLP. Or maybe I should have just passed on the opportunity. It was after talking with a few readers and reading reviews, emails, texts, pictures and social media messages I received that I found my answer. Although there are many things that went wrong with the publishing process of my first book, I am still confident that I made the right choice. Angels, Love and Lost Souls is now in the hands of many readers wishing to travel to Sicily and Minnesota to flavor the same food Signora Maria prepared at Pensione Mirabella, to breath the same air Laura and John felt on their skins as they walked down the “Chiazzette” in Acireale, and to sail on Lake Minnetonka on board of the Minnehaha steamboat. For a personal point of view, I have learned a lot about an industry I am very passionate about and most of all, I have met many new friends.

The journey ahead is not going to be easy as I deal with publishing rights and I find a new home for Angels, Love and Lost Souls. But the travels of Gerard and Sebastian move onward as I work on both the second book (a story that will take the readers to Norway) and a screenplay for Angels, Love and Lost Souls. Another reason why I know that I made the right choice is that I know that I can count on all of you to provide me guidance, advice and support.



P.S. If you have finished Angels, Love and Lost Souls and you would like to join my beta readers group for Book II, please email me at

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